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Thick muscular calves, sometime also called "radish-like leg", are faced by many women, especially Asian, they are usually shorter than Caucasians, and thus make their calves looked even bower and larger.

Big calf is often considered as an aesthetic problem. Women with plus size calves, are embarrassed to show their legs and it is hard for them to adopt certain fashion style, i.e., short skirt or swimsuit.

If large calf is caused by fat accumulation, with liposuction or a proper training, the desired legs shape can be attained.

But, if it is because of genetically determined or excessive development, which is the most common cause of calf hypertrophy, there is no easy way to treat this.

There have been many studies about how to reduce calf size to help women with "radish-like leg" problem to have an ideal leg.

There is several well-known techniques to reduce calf muscle: through cosmetic surgery such as calf reduction surgery, Botox injection, etc. or proper training.

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