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Best Simple Exercises to Reduce Thighs Size Fast for Women

Choosing the right exercises to reduce thighs size fast that are suitable for your body type is very important to prevent you from ending up with the same big thighs or worse with bigger thighs. Cardiovascular exercise is the best exercise to reduce fat in thighs. However, if you want to improve the shape of your thighs and reduce thighs size fast, then thigh exercises are the right choice. The combination of cardiovascular and thigh reduction exercises will help you achieve both.

If you are exercising to reduce fat from thighs, you should workout the buttock muscles too since your body may not be able to burn and reduce the fat in your thighs effectively if there is a bunch of fat deposits in your butt. There are numerous exercises that focus on buttock and thigh reduction and toning of the muscles. Some exercises for the thigh and the butt are very intense and need the guidance of a trained professional while others can be done right at home. The best exercise to reduce thigh size is the one that you find most effective and is enjoying to do at least three times a week on alternating days.

Although most simple exercises to reduce thighs size described in this article can be done at home, they are powerful workouts which can reduce your butt and thighs size fast. For each thigh reduction exercise, however, remember to stretch first to reduce the risk of pulls and strains.

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Running, whether done on a treadmill or on ground outdoors will improve the cardiovascular fitness necessary to burn the thighs fat, reduce fat in thighs and give a toned shape to your thighs. If running is not your favor, do any form of cardiovascular exercise that workouts the butt and thighs. Remember to maintain a slow pace for endurance and allow you to cover a great distance, reducing fat in thighs and giving a toned shape to your thighs.

Standing free squats
This is a simple, but a very effective exercise to reduce fat from thighs. Start in a standing position, with your feet in a shoulder-width stance. Keep your back straight, your core tight, look forward, and start slowly lowering your body and bending at the knees. Go down until your thighs parallel the floor or as far as you can without lifting your heels, stand back up slowly and repeat. Perform this workout 3-4 sets of 10-15 repetitions each.

Jump squats
Jump squats are body resistance exercises for the thigh performed with your legs in a wide stance. To perform jump squats, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold the weights down at your sides. Lower yourself toward the floor into squat and jump in the air as high as possible. Tuck your knees up to your chest, land back in the same starting position and repeat. Keep your arms at your sides when you perform these.

Wall slide
One highly effective and best exercise for thigh reduction is the wall slide. To begin a wall slide exercise, stand straight with your back flat against a wall. Next, stretch your legs outwards, bending your waist and knees. You should be somewhere between a sitting position and a standing position. Hold the position for five or ten seconds. Repeat the step as many times as you can.

Wall slides exercise helps gain more muscle or tone muscle and lose weight. Bend deeper to focus more on muscle gain. Hold your body more upright by bending only halfway to a sitting position at the waist and the knees to tone the muscles, burn fat, and reduce thighs size.

Low weight squats
Squats exercise, when done in moderation, is one of the best way to reduce thigh size by toning the thigh muscles and reducing fat from thighs. To perform a low weight squat, you need to stand straight. With weights on your shoulder, bend your waist and knees until you are almost sitting on your heels. Get back to the original standing position gradually. Make sure you are doing an endurance exercise rather than muscle building by holding only a small amount of weight or by using no weights at all to allow more repetitions.

Leg lifts
Another best way to reduce thigh size is to do leg lifts. Leg lifts work both the thighs and the glutes. Start by lying down flat on the floor. Next, bring your legs up untill your body forms a right angle at your waist. Support your lifted legs with your arms. Hold this position for 10 seconds. Slowly, bring back the legs to the original position. Do this very slowly to double the effort of your thigh muscles by forcing them work hard for the duration of each repetition, which will in turn reduce the fat in thighs. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Standing on the toes
This thigh reduction exercise will strength and tone your thighs, hips, and butt in short period. To do this exercise to reduce thigh size fast, stand up with arms extended like a "T", stretch out one leg to your side while balancing on the other. Lift your legs using your toes in such that your toes barely touching the floor each time. Repeat 30 times then switch to the other leg do 30 more. Do this two times a day.

There you have it, several best simple exercises to reduce thighs size fast for women! Do remember that doing these thigh reduction exercises alone will not help you reduce fat from thighs and decrease thigh size effectively. Instead, the best way to reduce thigh size is to incorporate proper diet regimen into your daily lifestyle to allow your body burn fat and reduce thigh size fast and efficiently.