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20 Common Mistakes when Exercise

1. Hoping for immediate results from exercise

Experts pointed out that: exercise needs at least a month's time to give results, i.e. muscles strengthen, weight loss, etc. So, it is very important to keep on what you are doing even when you don't see results yet. If you want to achieve your fitness goals, you must have appropriate fitness plans and also enough patience.

2. Choose sports video guide with high level of difficulty

When choosing sports video guide for self-training, most people will select video guide for pro with high level of difficulty, they think that the more difficult and intense one move is, the better the results. But it is not just like that, there're other things to be considered.

Unlike classroom training where you have a coach to correct your wrong move, you have to learn all by yourself on home training. Tough training such as rapid dance steps for pro, not only will frustrate you, but could also lead to injuries. So when using a sports video guide, choose one that equal with your skill level.

3. Use sweat as a measure of workout results

Sweat indicates a healthy body, but it can not be used as an indicator of exercise intensity. Your heart rate and energy level is the more important tool.

4. Depends on number to measure fitness program results

Number does not represent everything, there's possibility that you get slimmer and leaner, your body fat index also shows a decrease, but you're gaining more weight, so number can not represent your fitness program results.

5. Training with negative attitude

If you have been following negative attitude like: "I am so weak, I definitely can't do it", then, you can really become weak and can't do it. Because these negative attitudes will knock you down completely. If long waiting times will make you disappointed, why not implement a short-term objective fitness program, so you stay motivated. If you put efforts to achieve a positive change, you will certainly be able to accomplish it.

6. Take it too seriously

Nobody is perfect, so change what you can i.e. lengthen your muscles, leaner your legs, anything that improve your body shape and make your body more energetic. Proud for your slender legs, slim waist or sexy shoulder, and don't get sad just because you don't have a thin body like models.

7. That it's only physical changes

Fitness programs not only improve your physical but also yours physiological. A University of the United States survey shows that a 10 minutes moderate training can improve people's emotions and make them feels much happier. Beside that training can improve the quality of your sleep; it also can improve your stress resolved capacity.

8. Use training as a reason to eat as much as possible

Exercise makes you feel hungry, but if you think that you can eat everything after workout, then you're wrong. Exercise does need more calories, but don't take more than what you need. Focus on healthy food intake. If your workout goal is to lose weight, than a low-protein high-fiber is great. You still can eat food containing protein, carbohydrate, and other fat mixture as you need. And don't treat food as reward for exercising; it only will lead to an excess calorie intake.

9. Not eating before workout

In fact, one hour before any workout, 800-1200 calories intake can make you achieve the best workout state, thus the best workout results. Choose yogurt, banana, peanut butter or wheat biscuits, and other carbohydrate-based small snack.

10. Ignoring self medical evaluation

The more you know about your physical condition, the more detail and suitable you can plan on your fitness program. Do you know your own body fat index and heart rate? If you don't, then you should ask for a medical evaluation and adjust your fitness program to fit the results.

11. Think that exercise will make you more muscular

Actually you don't have to worry. Because women aren't like men, it is not easy to get bigger and muscular from exercise. Exercise will only make you more shaped and increase metabolic level.

12. Do not have certain fitness goal

Certain fitness goal is very valuable to help you in the overall execution of your fitness program. Because the challenges help you keep on going, and the goal you set will encourage you not to give up so easily. Set a goal, i.e. to lose 8 pounds or 1 inch in one month of training, always put that things in mind and you will become more motivated.

13. Compare yourself with others

A thought like, "She get a more obvious results than me" is unreasonable statement. Because you don't know her physical condition, you don't know that maybe she used to be an Olympic athlete? Everyone is unique, so stop comparing yourself with others, just focus on your own fitness programs and targets, which is what you really need. Because it is you who is trying to lose weights, not others.

14. Ignoring physical pain sign

There are many reasons that lead to physical pain and fatigue, probably because of injury or illness, or don't get enough sleep. After you figure out what cause the pain, take a break, adjust your fitness program, so your injured body part get enough rest. Pay attention to your physical sign and workout according to it.

15. Expose your body directly to natural environment

Too hot, cold or wet may affect your training. Learn how to use cloak to protect yourself, no matter how the outside temperature change, it is better if you don't exposed your skin directly, to prevent loss of moisture, which cause physical discomfort.

16. Not wear sunglasses

UV that damage skin can be serious and can cause cancer too. Therefore, you should wear sunglasses when doing outdoor sports. Choose a good UV protections sunglass.

17. Wear hat when doing indoor sports

When you workout, many calories are distributed through your head, so wearing hat in training may cause the delay of this cooling process.

18. Wear ordinary or even laced bra on workout

If you don't wear a suitable sport bras on your workout, your breast may results in premature sagging. A small to medium breast size women only need to wear common sport bras, while women with bigger breast need specific and b sport bras to support her breast.

19. Spent 30 minutes training abdominal muscle

If you do so, you've waste about 28 minutes of your time. Actually, you only need 1 to 2 minutes to train your abdominal. You can do other workout for the rest of your time.

20. Insufficient water intake

Sufficient water not only increases your energy, at the same time also will reduce your appetite. Sometimes we thought that our thirst is our hunger, but maybe just by drinking a glass of water, it will satisfy your body needs without have to eat another meal. Drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday. And remember to drink 200 to 300 ml of water every 15 minutes on every workout.