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Calf Reduction Surgery - Pro and Contra

Calf reduction surgery is a cosmetic surgery that removes part or whole of the calf muscle to slim down calf size. It's applied by many plastic surgeons in several countries like Korea, China, and Taiwan to help their patients reduce calf size.

It's still a controversial operation as well as many other leg jobs until now. In some countries, it's even considered as illegal since the operation might weaken the legs and limit the legs function over the long term.

Although it's an extreme operation, still there're women who determined to undergo such operation.

Share your thought and write your argument about it. Do you agree or disagree with the idea to pursue the ideal legs shape / slim calves (which often just a matter of perspective) through calf reduction surgery?

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Thank you for your participation. Really appreciate it.....

I hate my calves!

I'm about 5'5 and weigh 120 lbs. I am comfortable with my whole body except for my calves! I've had big calves for as long as I can remember and it seriously sucks. It's pretty much impossible to look for the perfect pair of boots or jeans that'll fit. And wearing dresses or shorts is just a nightmare. I remember I was out jogging once, and these kids behind me were all like, "Dang, look at her legs! They're huge!" Believe me, lots of tissues were used after that run. I try to go with an "I don't care what people think of me" attitude, but it's hard when society deems fat legs as unattractive (thanks, celebrities -__-.) I am considering calf reduction and have been saving up for a bit. I just hate my calves so much!!

Contemplating whether or not to do it.

I am 17 and I have hated my calf's since I was in middle school, I'm not a weak person, it's just i love everything about myself but the size of my calf's are really big. Everyone says they are and i hate how people react when they see the size of my calf's. Sometimes I wish I had nice slender ones, I like everything else about my body but my calf's. I just found out that the only solution is surgery and whether it succeeds or not is just luck. I will do it when I start university which is not very far, but I still am reluctant for i fear the damage... i'm scared but i hate my calf's so i think i will do it.

Big calves

I have always had rather large calves, even when I wore a size 5 and weighed 120 lbs. I'm 5'6" I have to say, I understand what everyone is going through, feeling bad about certain parts of their bodies. I always hated my legs. But I have to say these posts break my heart. After having two kids, and many years of neglecting myself, I gained 120 lbs. I finally did something about that and have recently lost 100 lbs. I am still heavier than I used to be. I still have pretty big calves. But I am healthy now, and I can run and walk and go hiking now. I can breathe so much easier and I have so much more energy. Big calves are the least of my worries! I appreciate my body the way it is now, flaws and all. I appreciate my body because it is healthy and it lets me do the things I want to do. I would never trade my big calves for the risk of not being able to walk and run and carry myself through the day. Please girls, learn to accept yourself flaws and all. Focus on the many good qualities you have. Learn to appreciate your body for more than just the way it looks.

calf reduction in Asia

hi , i am from Paris and i would lke to have information please about calf reduction,i am looking for a doctor in Asia ,if someone had his calves reduced and happy with theresult please email me it would be nice to be in touch and to talk with people who share the same "nightmare "having huge calves have a great and thanks

I had calf reduction surgery done

Pros: Reduces calves by up to 2". Cons: The amount of pain experienced is different from person to person. Some experience little to no pain while for others, the pain is excruciating (me). As soon as the surgery is done, the muscles contract and you need to stretch them back out which HURTS. I was in so much pain, I had to get shots but they didn't help at all. I couldn't stand up nor barely walk for the 1st 2 weeks. As painful as the stretching is, it MUST be done. For if not, your muscles will contract permanently and no longer be susceptible to stretch. Your heels will be elevated and you'll walk on your toes forever. Getting a nerve cut during surgery is a 50% possibility. If it does happen, the outer part of your foot will be sensitive and tingly. The nerves regenerate eventually but it takes years. You'll lose strength in your legs so if you're an avid athlete then this surgery is not for you. I still can't go on full tippy toes and it's 4 years later. It takes time. My right leg locked right after surgery. I couldn't bend my right leg at all. It was pretty scary. I had to force it to bend during exercises. Since the surgery only addresses 1 area of the muscles, only the inner to back part of your legs slim down. So if you're bowl-legged then you'll be really bowl-legged afters. If you have shapely legs, you will lose this shape and the inner of your legs will be straight.

I had it done.

I am very happy with the results. You will definitely lose strength in your legs so if you're very athletic then this surgery is not recommendable. I couldn't go on tippy toe initially but it's getting better over the years. There is a 50/50 chance that a nerve is cut during surgery. If this happens, you'll feel a tingly sensation on the side of your foot. It hurts but they eventually regenerate over the years. You need to stretch A LOT to prevent the muscles from contracting. Overall, I'm so glad I got the procedure done. I wish I could've gotten it done years ago in my youth so I could've embraced shorts and skirts.

Hi to all, am 5'3 and very

Hi to all, am 5'3 and very slim. I have big hips and huge calves. Thanks to that I have NEVER worn a skirt. Im only 18 and while i see people my age dress up, wear skirts, boots etc. I feel ugly even with straight jeans. I feel so insecure, I work very hard, am a student and I also work where i study. I managed to achieve as much as i possibly could and I always work as hard as i can. But deep inside am so hurt over this, I feel so ugly - everyday. It's always in my mind, I noticed that lately I cant even look at people directly anymore coz I feel like they will notice my legs. I know they probably wont, but I feel so ugly. I never dare to talk to people I like or wear anything I dream of. I feel like I never get to dress girly and I know I never will if I dont solve this. I tried everything, I exercise am very active but my mums legs are just like mine...It is so not fair..I dont want perfect legs, I just want normal average legs. I been to thousands of websites daily. I just dont know anymore....

somewhat large calves but main problem is abnormally large quads

I just started researching this surgery and it seems all the best surgeons to perform the procedure are in Korea and Taiwan. While my calves are somewhat large, my biggest problem even more than them are my quadriceps. They look fine about halfway down, then right above the knee sort of on the outer side of the muscle yet still facing forward, the muscle is so toned to the point that it's like this huge lump right there. The best way to describe how it looks is if you go look at a body builder's legs, right above the knee the quadricep will look like how I described. My legs for some reason have always been this way, it's in the genes. I have pictures of me as a little girl and I had these funky stocky legs. I never noticed how bad they were until about 10 at a church summer camp, a male camp counselor asked me a genuine question of how I got my legs like that because he worked out and was trying to achieve that look. I was mortified and ever since had a complex - it only got worse when a female friend of mine who had gorgeous thin legs would always say she wished she had mine. Granted she was saying a nice thing it made me feel so self-conscious because again attention was drawn to my muscular legs which I hated. Then with my last boyfriend, the first time he saw my legs not covered in pants he said, "wow you have really muscular legs!" Of course that made me feel terrible. My new boyfriend now, yes I love him dearly, but the same exact thing happened - he saw my legs not in pants and said, "baby you have really muscular legs." After that, I decided that was it, I need to find a way to change it. The rest of my body is thin and lean, and I have nice facial features too. I'm actually getting into modeling but I dread having to model things that show my muscular quads and calves. I don't need someone telling me that I need to be thankful for what god gave me - please keep your beliefs to yourself this is not about you and your opinion. I don't care what you think if you want to tell me that, its not going to aleve all these years of self-loathing of my legs. I'm like these other girls here who want to feel good bout her legs when she wears a dress or a skirt, so I'm just trying to find out more about this surgery. All I see though is calf reduction - I'm the only girl I've ever seen with quads like mine. Are there any surgeons who will remove that piece of quad muscle?? It would probably be even less risky than the calf surgery - I can deal without having calf surgery but the quads I want to fix so bad. If I have to fly to Korea one day I will do it, I'm the type of girl who will set her mind to anything to get it done. I may not be able to afford it now but one day I will and I will have legs that I love!

i hate my calves :(

Honestly i thought i was the only one with huge calves, am 16 and all my friends have nice legs not to big or small calves, and they always were dresses, its hard to find me in a dress,skirts and short. i wore a dress once but i had high boots (took me a while to find boots that ziped up) & hate having bigger calves then guys! my mom also has big calves, but not my dad. am kind of chubby/fat but i still think if i was skinny my calves would still be big. i have to try to find out but its kinda hard to lose weight :( i just hate my calves :(


i am 21 yrs old. i am 5'3 119 ibs everything is great until you get down to my big stupid calves. It's so unappealing to me when i put on a sexy sleek kind of dress and look down and those things are sticking out further than any part on my body!I hate them i want them gone. If there is anything i can do about this,PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!

Big Ugly Calves

Im 25 with a medium size frame now... ive been skinny all my life untill i had my first child. for as long as i can remember ive had big ugly calves even when i was tiny. i just want to know if this surgery is worth it and if any doctors do it in northwest United States? Ive dealt with hiding my big legs for to long and im done with it!!!

Reduce muscle size exercises

Has anyone tried the high rep exercises to reduce muscle size? Did it work?

CRAZY BIG calves, one side only!

i actually against plastic surgery, calf reduction or whatever.. but i have been having this problems since i was 12 and now i am 29. i have laughed at back in school, never ever put on a skirt or shorts or leggings in what so ever way cause my left calf is much bigger in a hideous way compare to the right one. it grew like that since i was 12. i am so tortured,,my confidence is totally gone for 17 years. so i think i will do the calf reduction asap maybe in korea. technology is there to help people like me..not that iam not grateful..if they are big both sides maybe i wont do it though. but one side? need the surgery. i have been saving money for it.

odd ball

I'm 5'2" and a little on the hefty side since puberty but my calves have been big since I was a kid. When my mom took me to the doctor to talk abt diets he said he needed to know what parts of me were really fatty and didn't believe me when I said my calves weren't one of them until he had me flex my calves every which way and mesured them and he couldn't unerstand why they were so big. I'd love to do this sugery but I'm so young and giving up the ability to walk doesn't seem worth it isn't there another way besides cutting the musle?

Trying to be more confident

I haven't been bullied or treated very badly about my large legs (or when I was larger, my size either), but I'm still disappointed at their hugeness. When I was younger I was chubby, and when I slimmed down, my lower half was still quite big. Big thighs and calves. Low self-esteem led to self-hatred. Throughout my teens until now (mid-twenties), I didn't dare to wear anything above the ankle outside of home. I was depressed that I couldn't wear the cute styles other girls could and was super hot in the summer while wearing long pants/skirts outside. I am trying to accept myself and all of my unique features although this process is very slow. I agree with the fight against the media and social portrayal of what it means to be beautiful. When I see my friends, I don't see them as "the fat one" or "the one with the bad teeth". I see them as a whole package and how wonderful they are including their unique features. I think that is how they view me (and not as "the one with huge muscular legs", although they could see me as "the one that complains about her huge legs a lot" hahah). I am still very self-conscious of my legs, but have started to wear leggings, shorts, and short skirts outside. On the days where I think, "screw you world! I was made this way - I can run strong, walk strong, and kick butt!" I am empowered. More often than not, I just feel sad my legs are huge, but at least it's not an every day thing anymore. =) I am exercising and trying to eat healthier. I say to myself, "My calves are strong - and so should I be strong. Stop bowing to the pressure to conform to female standards of being beautiful by looking fragile and embrace just being healthy."

Radish legs/bulky calves

I'm Caucasian, have huge calves and like the Asian women, the bulk is caused by hypertropy muscles, not fat. Yes, dresses are out for me. I wear shorts when the weather is hot and humid, but there is hell to pay for it. This is what happens when I wear shorts. People's heads and eyes drop down to look at my legs and they stare at them much longer than what is considered socially acceptable. Rude remarks are sometimes made to me mostly by adult women, occasionally a man will say something rude also. Women at my daughter's activities laugh at my legs and wonder why I would wear shorts with legs like mine and let them know what kind of legs I have. Years ago, while at the gas station, a body builder guy told me he wished he had calves like mine! That's not a compliment if you are a female like me. I don't know about the rest of you, but my calves have gotten larger over the years. My brother who inherited the same bad gene from our dad/grandma, had the same thing happen to him, his calves got larger. His daughter did not inherit the hypertropy calves, but I fear my daughter has. She is almost 10, thin has thin, slightly shapely legs, but I can see the split in her calves on the back of her legs, which I don't see with other girls her age. I would love to have surgery. Too bad they edit out the doctors names and locations on posts. I know some of you think it is for vanity's sake, it isn't. I'd like to have surgery because society is unforgiving when it comes to radish legs. Plenty of people think I should suffer socially and emotionally because of the bad gene I inherited and to others it doesn't matter that they aren't perfect either.

Hi girls - i´m 38 5ft 6, 8st

Hi girls - i´m 38 5ft 6, 8st 10 and really pretty. My calves are large and totally not in proportion with the rest of me which is skinny. I feel I have been held back my whole life. One guy at work said I had legs like a grey hound dog and it was trousers from then on for me. I´d rather cover up than subject myself to harsh comments like that again. I wear skinny straight leg trousers and maxi dresses in summer.I would NEVER show my legs to the world as people think I have a nice figure - I don´t want to disappoint them. I´m going to try the muscle reducing exercices and see how that goes. Surgery is so scary and not sure if they even do it in London yet. I also have two beautiful children to consider. You´ve got to make the most of your other assets and personality. It might be better to get a boob job!!!!

I recently found out i have

I recently found out i have scoliosis and as a result it has effected my hip and leg on my right over the years. my right calf has grown larger then my left. I don't know what to do. It seems there's no help for someone like me! I'm still young and i haven't shown my legs for ten years! HELP, anyone ??

Thats me!

Hi, as you can see this is my first post here. In first steps it is really nice if someone supports you, so hope to meet friendly and helpful people here. Let me know if I can help you. Thanks and good luck everyone! ;)

big calves

I also hate my big calves. I'm 5'3" in height and weigh around 8 stone; slim in general apart from my huge calves (14.7 inches, just measured!); totally out of proportion. I was feeling frustrated cause I thought that any exercise would just make them bigger but I continue to exercise because I like to keep slim and healthy. I'm really pleased to come by this website and find other people with the same problem. I was interested to read about the exercises you can do to reduce your calve size ( I would not consider surgery cause I don't want to risk the ability of my body to run and walk etc; definitely not worth that for vanity! I'm going to give this exercise/diet regime a go (it doesn't look too hard to achieve!) I've measured my calves today and I'll keep a weekly measurement. I'll keep you posted if it works or not. I'd be interested to hear form anyone else who's given this a go? I've also been doing some yoga and lots of calve stretching but not noticed any visible difference; no measurements to go by though. I'm going to keep up the stretchy stuff as well as the exercises.

Big calves

I've had grown men tell me they wish they had my calves(how could any woman take that as a compliment?!).I never find boots which is very frustrating. I have never met another girl with calves as big as mine(18 1/4 inches!)but I'm not willing to take the risks that come with surgery. I'm a massage therapist and i know a thing or 2 about muscles and I'd rather pay a higher price for custom made boots than cripple myself.

Same problem as you girls. My

Same problem as you girls. My boyfriend gets really turned on by girls in boots... and I'm fashionable and I can't wear any boots that go above my ankles. He asks why I don't get some boots and I try to explain, but he doesn't seem to understand. My calves are very strange, they don't stick out so much from the side, but the back muscle part is crazy big. I think part of it is because I use to be very large and lost a bunch of weight... but I don't understand because it doesn't feel fatty, it feels like all muscle. If I do wear a dress I make sure it goes to the knee so that you can't tell how out of proportion my calves are to my thighs. I rarely wear a skirt, dress or shorts and I worked hard to lose weight and now I can't wear the things I want to because of my stupid calves. I'm 5'4 126 lbs. I've got a pear shape... small boobs, even smaller waist and big hips lol.

I had my calves done it's been 4 days now

Hello,i had a very low self estime,so i did my research for now 4 years,and i have been please with the work of Dr ****,i'm still in Taiwan as i'm writting to let you know my experience everything went well thank's GOD. The pain is not bad at all for the recovery,him and his staffs are very nice,so i'm happy it's like i'm new person.i can dress like a lady now,no more pants....I praid all my life for this to happen to me,i'm 31 and i'm ready to live the life that i was hidding under my pants.Good bye pants and hello dresses,skirts and shorts...Thank's to GOD.

Hello re: your post

Hi there, I am most interested in getting my legs done and would love to know how you are recovering from the operation? Was it majorly successful basically i would just be so interested in some feedback? Thanks! Look forward to your reply, and if you have pictures like before and after i would also love to see! I really want to get the operation but i am worried about doing it!

Very pleased for you. Which

Very pleased for you. Which doctor did you see in Taiwan? I'm wanting to get this done too and am thinking how much time i need off work to do it.

i think i shld go on the exercise

my fellow girls I'm not against all Ur laments.i have huge calves too.and it makes me sad coz i want to be a model.but 2day as i was walking down the road i saw 3 beggars none of them can walk i now said 2 my self,thank god i have my advice to all of us is,let us all sacrifice our bitterness and use dat time 4 surgery and do the exercises.i blive we wnt b dissappointed.


I hope nobody does this. Why would you compromise your ability to walk and function just for the sake of vanity? Strong calves are beautiful! Don't let the media con you into thinking otherwise, and don't be ripped off by paying somebody to ruin the lovely legs that nature blessed you with.

WOW!!! I guess I'm not alone..

I've seen people that are more heavy set than I am but with smaller calves and had always wonder why, why, why. I never thought there were many more women out there with this situation. heels and boots are my main concern that thrives me to reseraching this calf reduction. Has anyone ever tried the excersie techniques before getting the surgury done? I just want to know if it really do work and how much time it took to reduce. I love the idea to get the surgury done but I'm scared of loosing the ability to walk or do other daily task using my leg muscles. Why is it so hard to decide?

Calves too muscular, female large muscle help

Same here, my calves too muscular too. You mean the exercise technique in this article: How to Train to Reduce muscle Size? It looks promising but a little too overwhelming to me so never tried that. I also thought about getting a calf reduction operation, but canceled it, guess I don't have the courage to put myself into an operation room yet. If only there are much more solution for female large muscle help available out there, considering how many of us, especially asian women. I'm planning to get into Yoga, hope that will reduce my muscular calves a little. Hope you can make the right decision..

Korea Calf Plastic Surgery for girls with huge calves

Hi, anyone got more information about korea calf plastic surgery for girls with huge calves? Does it safe to do that? I've huge calves since I'm a teenager. I really hate them. I wish I could change them with any possible and safe means. Just thought calf plastic surgery might be an option? What do you all think? Thanks in advance for responding.


has anybody done it with Dr. Jong in Taiwan? please i'll like to know

Often read about him

Hi there, I often read about him in the internet, seems like a reputable surgeon, but I don't know exactly. Hope someone else can give you more information.

Wish I can help you all, girls…

Wish I can help you all, girls… However, I’m not a calf reduction surgeon. I’m not a fitness instructor. I don’t live in Korea, China or Taiwan either. I’m just a woman with those thick calves you all hated too. We all are in the same board; I know how you feel. Except, I look at my big calves as a blessing from God, well, they’ve took me to every place I want to go. Without them I might be useless he he. More, if I hate them then it means I also hate God who gave them to me (for some good reason that I can’t figure out yet). Besides, a pair of slim calf is not that important.

I guess… In life, you are always filled with choices. You may opt to have a pessimist's view and live a self-defeated life or you may decide to take the optimist's route and take a challenging and fulfilling life.

Some wisdom words for all of us:

"Two men look out through the same bars: One sees the mud, and one sees the stars."
Frederick Langbridge, a Cluster of Quiet Thoughts

“Despite of what may happen to all of us in the next ten, twenty, or even thirty years, I guess we all have to see things in a different kind of light and not just perspective. I can't seem to imagine life without any piece of wisdom that could guide us. Whether we're religious or not, it takes more courage to accept your fears and learn how to deal with them is all that matters when it comes to even just getting along.”

And to sum things up - however, whenever, and wherever we may be…

"The talent for being happy is appreciating and liking what you have, instead of what you don't have."

Wish I can do more than this. Wish I can help you find the good surgeon (if you really need those calf reduction surgeries), accompany you through it, or just being your true friend to help you through the days…

PS. You know, Yoga or Pilates may do some great thing to your body...


Well if you think 15" calves is bad, mine are 16" and hideous! My arms flexed are 15" but unflexed they're like 13 and I do everything in my power to make my arms bigger so they look in proportion with my calves. I wear cowboy boots all the time as they're the only boots wide enough, plus they hide most of my calf and ankle (they're thick too!) I also hate my quadriceps muscles. Most of my legs are muscle, I weigh about 12 stone but only 15% bodyfat which is mostly on my hips, butt and top of my thighs. How much does calf reduction cost and is it available only in Korea or in the UK too? Also if the calves were reduced, would there be any danger of the ankles or thigh muscles bulking up to compensate for walking?


hi . in reference to your story you have a nice shaped body and in stead of being sad you have to be very proud of your self to be healthy in the first place and then having well toned body.... i am a fitness trainer and i have a large number of trainees who want to increase their weight and their muscle size .... some of them specially their lags and calves and it s vary hard to increase calves muscle... also i have a question... what is your height and your ankle and wrist size? and are you sure ? your biceps size increase about 2 inches(5 cm) when you flex it?!!!!!!!wow... if yes i think you could be successful in many kinds of sports?

Large calves

I am a tall, large-framed female who has large calves, so I "get it" for not only being big-boned, but my calves are large on top of that. Both problems are inherited, my dad had a large frame and huge calves, and one of his sisters is large framed with big calves, which they inherited from their mother. My one brother is average frame, height and has normal calves, my other brother is taller, larger framed and has huge calves.

When I was a child my calves were not large, but puberty triggered it for me. When I was in 6th grade, I was told I had nice legs (they were getting a little shapely), but by 8th grade, my calves were getting larger and continued growing in high school.

I am now 48 years old and would love to have the surgery. I am telling you that I've been made fun of being large framed and large calved since high school! I "get it" from total strangers, 99% of harassment is from women, but I've had to endure comments from guys mostly made within earshot but not directly to me.I had a pretty face when I was younger and I'd heard that there were guys who liked me, but couldn't deal with my huge calves and they had said no woman should have legs like that. Alot of people have contempt for me, because of large frame and large calves. The cruel comments I hear now are that I am like a cavewoman or Neanderthal. We most recently moved to WI and when I was out mowing the lawn for the first time in May, the next door neighbor lady (who has a voice that carries) said to her husband about me, "I wonder what happened to her legs!" He told her it was probably inherited.

I got married later in life and have a daughter, and my biggest fear is she will have inherited the large frame and develop large calves. She is skinny and 9, but her legs have more tone than her friends and she is tall. Women have commented within earshot that they think she will be large framed like me. I wanted to use egg donor to get pregnant, but my husband didn't want to. He told me he didn't think I would be able to deal with a child that wasn't mine biologically, but it would've given me piece of mind, not having a large framed, big calved daughter because I wouldn't wish what I've had to endure from people from high school and beyond.

My dad had two sisters, one normal build and the other large framed, large calved. My relatives were talking about how my Aunt with the large frame/calves was lucky to have two girlfriends from childhood through adult life to support her and protect her from the bullying behavior of others and they said my aunt has a mouth on her, which she does. She probably had to become that way, so people would leave her alone. My normal framed/normal calf aunt was a nicer person, but then again she never "got it" from others because she didn't lose on the DNA roulette wheel of life.

While most of you seem to have a normal build other than your calves, I would say that if you have the time for recovery and the money, it would be well worth getting the surgery while you are young. I don't know if people are as hard on you as they are on me, but if you get teased or harassed now in your youth for it, it might continue when you get married and have kids because women might "give it to you" at storytime, dance recitals,ball games etc. or they might just talk about it as if you are some kind of freak and not want anything to do with you and it won't matter how nice a person you are or how good a friend you are to someone, because there will always be popular women at those events who build themselves up and impress others by tearing someone down, and if you have a large frame and/or large calves, you are a prme target. I wore shorts to my daughter's gymnastics a couple of weeks ago, and the women sitting behind me said in their conversation to each other that they wondered why I would wear shorts to let them know what kind of legs I have and that I should wear long pants all the time. (That's how bad it is!)

Calf Surgery Forum

For these who are interested in the calf reduction surgery, there is a forum discussion at purse (*) from girls who have had the surgery done. It an unbiased view and provide lots of information on the procedure. Type in big calve under the search function and you should be able to see the link to the forum.

Hello, Thanks for your

Hello, Thanks for your article and for every article you write! I get real pleasure while looking and reading through your resource. Can you pleasee provide more information on this subject? BTW your blog is amazing. Have a nice day!! sajoo.

partial gastrocnemius muscle resection

Hi ladies I am almost 2 weeks post op from surgery. There are little risks associated if you do all the research. It's the safest and you'll get the best result too (If you are the right candidate and actually have muscle bulge). Most problems heal on their own and also can be avoided if you choose the right surgeon. I had mine in **** Clinic, Dr **** is the most experienced. Check **** for more details. If you can overcome pain, save enough money and have enough time for recovery...just GO FOR IT!!! Stop complaining about how much you hate your calves- you either live with it or do something to change it. Good Luck

huge calf help needed

hi, please can you let me know about your doctor's contact info.? i'm very slim but calves measure near 17''! devestated!!!! the worse thing is my bottom is very small so i look so out of propotion you won't believe it. it's so bad i can't even fit into skinny jeans or wear leggings, i cry myself into sleep sometimes dreaming about wearing skirts or shorts. i don't even enjoy my holidays coz i'm so self cautious though other parts are normal. desprate help needed so if anyone has any calf reduction surgery info.(reliable please), please let me know. i'll do anything!!!!

where can i get calf reduction surgery

i would like to get the contact information and location of the doctor who performed your calf reduction surgery.

Korea calf plastic surgery

Hi, I also would like to know about how you doing there? Please share more about your experience especially the recovery (if possible). I heard that Korea calf plastic surgery is really advanced in technology now. They have do a lot of calf surgery. Just like to know more about it. Oh, how much does it cost you? Thanks.

Hi. How was your recovery

Hi. How was your recovery after surgery (ie.- how much pain, swelling, ability to perform daily tasks)? how long did you stay in Korea for the entire procedure? Love to get your feedback. Thanks.


Whenever I have free time I try to read either periodical or blog articles (it is possible to find much interesting with the help of pdf search engine). Thus, thank you for your being here and for your great posts.

I hate my calves too!

I am 5'2, weigh only 105 pounds. Seriously everybody would be thinking i AM SO SKINNY and TINY until they see my calves! They are ridiculously HUGE!!...I am so ashamed to wear shorts/skirts/dresses and I get so sad seeing girls in pretty dresses. I wish I could wear them too :((


I agree i would also have my calves done if i could afford 5'2 120 pounds very slim but my calves are so huge i hate it and i have very low self confidence. I never wear shorts skirts or boots either heels just make them even larger to me and make them stand out more. evry time its summer i feel even worse i see all kinds of girls in shorts or skirts or even dresses and they have awsome legs..i wear pants all the time i just wish i had nice legs.once i found out about these comments on this website, i feel alittle better about myself now that im not only one.

I was convinced to go on this

I was convinced to go on this procedure but i found out by surfing the net that this procedure is not advisable.

The lawsuit is from patients

The lawsuit is from patients who had selective neurectomy. I'm in contact with a couple of people that had partial gastrocnemium muscle resection and they have no regrets at all. It's the best thing they ever did for themselves. Although the recovery period is long, it's worth it. I'm going to have mine done is August. The cost is not that expensive ($5,000) and it'll be worth every penny.

how was the surgery and where was it done

how did your surgery go and how is the recovery process. could you also provide me with the contact information for your surgeon. i live in the Caribbean and would love to get it done but all the sites i've been on so far keeps pointing to Korea. I don't want to go that far. The US would be ideal.

Calve reduction

Where did you find someone to do it for 5000 USD? Thanks