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Comparison of Various Calf Reduction Methods - Part 1

There're several known methods used in calf reduction and we'll discuss it here. In the end of this article you'll find a comparison table of these techniques.

The Classification of Radish legs

Pathological Edema: kidney disease, heart disease, liver disease
Lymphedema (lymphatic obstruction)
Deep vein occlusion
Other infection, trauma, or tumor
Non-Pathological Thick Fatty Leg
Thick Muscular Leg

Calf Reduction Methods

Calf Reduction Methods1. Liposuction

Calves liposuction is done by pulling out subcutaneous fat from the calves. It's used as one of the ways to lose leg fat too. But, there're usually not much fat accumulations found in calf, thus the result of liposuction is not significant.

2. Botulinum Toxin A Injection

Usually used in treatment of masseter muscle to correct the squared facial appearance. It is injected to gasctrocnemius muscle, to block the peripheral motor nerves to gasctrocnemius muscle and thus reduce calf size. Unfortunately, this kind of treatment does not give a permanent result. It only effect for about 3 to 6 months. After that, you'll need another injection to maintain the shape of your desired legs.

3. Selective Neurectomy

This method cut off the nerves that control medial gastrocnemius muscle to induce the atrophy of medial gastroc muscle gradually. Although this method can reduce calf size, but the location and calf size reduction is unpredictable, other calf muscles can hypertrophy too to compensate the lost function of gastrocnemius muscle, so this method is not optimal too.

4. Radio Frequency Selective Neurectomy

Uses RF energy to induce focal coagulation necrosis (death of tissue) of the gastrocnemius muscle, and thus reduce calf size. The final results of calf contour vary from one to other, the circumference of the calf is reduced approximately 1 to 6 cm.

5. Total Excision of Medial Gastrocnemius

Removes the entire medial gastrocnemius muscle and sacrifices the whole function of it. Similar to Selective Neurectomy, this method can resulting in compensatory hypertrophy of other calf muscles.

6. Partial Gastrocnemius Muscle Resection

This method cut out muscles part selectively and only excise the prominent muscles part pierce by pierce. The result is significant and can be seen immediately after the operation. The circumference of the calf is reduced approximately 3 to 7 cm.