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Healthy Breast: Why You Should Wear Sports Bras on Every Workout?

Unlike common bras, sports bras is a kind of underwear wore by women when doing sports activity. It is short, fitted and elastic. Its functions as a protection for breast tissues from getting stretched. It supports and limits the move of breast, thus avoid breast muscle and tissue injury.

Sports bras are designed using materials with good support and restraint function. A good sport bra should not restrict movement and have protection, shockproof, moisture, and perspiration functions.

Studies show that about 60 percent of women feel pain on their breasts on workout. Such pain is mainly caused by the movement of the breasts. Breast is made up of fat, milk ducts and connective tissues. Breast does not have b natural structure; it only has ligaments, gland and skin to support its weight.

Common bras only minimize up-and-down motion, but actually our breasts not only move from up-and-down, it also moves in side-to-side and in-and-out directions.

A research conducted by Joanna Scurr, a biomechanics professor at the University of Portsmouth in England concluded that:

During walking activity, the women's breasts moved relatively the same rate in all directions; when jogging, more than 50% of the total movement was in the up-down direction, 22% side-to-side and 27% in-and-out.

Excessive and long-term breast reciprocal motion will strain ligament and skin, without restriction and protection, in the long run it will cause breast pain, ligament injury , and ptosis (breast sagging or drooping).

A small to medium breasts size women only need a compression bra; generally the pullover types that sometimes have a cross back design, it press the breasts close to the body. While women with larger breasts need encapsulation bras to support her bust; bras in which each cup is separately molded.

If you train regularly or just start workout recently, no matter what the purpose of your workout, whether to lose weight or to get a sexy lean legs or just to stay fit, don't forget to always wear suitable sports bras, a good sports bra will make you more comfortable on your workout and help eliminate paint and breasts droop caused by intense movement.