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Reduce Calf Size: 4 Easy Things You Can Do to Get A Beauty Sexy Legs

Cause of Not So-Sexy Radish Legs/ Bulky Calves

  1. Wear shoes which is not suitable for the legs, or being a big fan of high heels
  2. Frequently standing for a long time, resulting in poor blood circulation of veins and accumulation of toxins on lower body parts.
  3. Incorrect exercise style, make fat attached to muscle and become fat accumulation on the legs. Read also How to Lose Leg Fat and Exercises to Reduce Thighs Size for Women.

4 Easy Things You Can Do to Get A Beauty Sexy Legs

Most people think that walking too much can cause bulky calves/ radish legs, so they decide to reduce it. In fact, aerobic/ cardio exercise i.e. walking, jogging, skipping or riding bicycles, etc., are the best exercise to shape the legs, as long as you do stretching for at least 15 minutes after every workout to restore the flexibility of muscle.

With cardio, stretching, assisted by appropriate amount of massage and lifestyle changes (such as reduce the frequency of wearing high heels, proper diet, etc.), than you can get a beauty sexy leg easily!

Step 1: Cardio Exercise

Do standing or seated calf raises before every cardio workout. Choose type of cardio exercise that you prefer; jogging, swimming, running, cycling, skipping, etc.

Standing calf raises:

  1. Stand steadily with the balls of your feet on the edge of a ladder or other object which is 20 cm higher from the ground, you can put your hands on the wall for balancing, heels hang in the air.
  2. Slowly rise up your heel and stand on your tiptoe, squeeze at the highest point, then at the same speed lower down your heel as far as possible.
  3. You can start by doing at least 2 sets of 10 reps and increase the amount of sets and reps by time when you've overcome it.

Step 2: Stretching

Face a wall with one foot in front of the other, both palms against the wall. Your back foot should be about three feet from the wall, your front foot about halfway between your back foot and the wall. Keep both heels on the floor. Bend your front knee and lean forward gradually until you feel the stretch in your back calf. Hold for 10 to 30 seconds, switch leg and repeat at least 5 sets.

These steps mention above are for gastroc stretch, there's also soleus stretch which is good for your calves too.

Step 3: Calf Muscle Massage

  1. Soften fat accumulation: sit with one leg bent in front of the chest while the other legs twisted. Try to relax the body, massage your calf muscle from ankle to knee direction using your palm.
  2. Remove tightness: rub the lower part of the leg with two hands intensely, knead from bottom to up.
  3. Increase flexibility: stroke up the calf using empty middle palm to reduce fatigue and add more flexibility.

Step 4: Lifestyles Changes

Change your lifestyles i.e. keep away from high heel or inappropriate shoes, proper diet: high-fiber, low-protein, and low-carbohydrate diet, avoid standing for a long time or walking on uneven surface, etc.