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Radio Frequency Selective Neurectomy

This calf reduction surgery method uses Radio Frequency energy to induce focal coagulation necrosis (death of tissue) of the gastrocnemius muscle, and thus reduce calf size.

Appropriate training and knowledge needed to achieve the best result with lowest risk.

The procedure is quick and simple; there is no scar, only some injections marks.

Except for exercise, after the operation, patients only need 1 to 7 days to return to their daily activities.

The final results of calf contour vary from one to other, the circumference of the calf is reduced approximately 1 to 6 cm.

Radio Frequency method for calf reduction gives a better and more predictable result than Selective Neurectomy.

But, it also carries the risk of other nerves injury which can result in gait disturbance and compensatory hypertrophy of other calf muscles, although not as high as Selective Neurectomy.