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Selective Neurectomy

Calf reduction surgery which explore and cut off the nerve that control the MG (Medial Gastrocnemius) to induce the atrophy of medial gastrocnemius muscle, and thus reduce calf size. The circumference of the calf is reduced approximately 1 to 3.5 cm.

The advantage of this method:

  • The procedure is quick, simple and less invasive
  • Postoperative recovery time is short

The disadvantage of this method:

  • The location and calf size reduction is unpredictable
  • The risk of other nerves (LG or Sol) injury is high and can resulting in gait disturbance
  • Remained or recurred calf muscle hypertrophy

And finally, in order to compensate the lost function of medical gastrocnemius muscle, the lateral gastrocnemius and soleus muscle can become hypertrophy and cause bowing affect or uneven contour to the calf.