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Slim Down Large Calf Muscle

Large Calf Muscle is usually genetically determined, so it would be hard or even impossible to reduce it, but I bet you won't given up right away just because of the statement, don't you?

So, is it possible for someone to reduce muscle size?

Slim Down Large Calf Muscle

Yes, it is possible.

The option is to take the calf reduction surgery, but you probably can't handle the risk and cost involved.

So, is there any other options ? Yes, that is workout and yes, you can reduce calf size by exercising. It is hard, but not impossible. You won't get the result immediately, but certainly you'll reduce your calf size in a long run, just be patience and sticks on the exercise that comfortable for you.

I've been reading many sites and forums about this topic lately, and thought it would be helpful to consolidate them here.

You'll find a few suggestions below. They're really easy to be done. And remember to do calf stretching, especially before and after high reps/ light weight training and cardio, to prevent tightness of muscles, which can lead to injury, pulled calf muscle, and bulking up your calf.

High reps/ light weight training
Low reps/ heavy weight training tends to increase muscle size, on the other hand, high reps/ light weight tone up muscle, so do high reps/ light weight training instead of heavy weight training, i.e. 4 sets of 15 to 25 reps standing or seated calf raised training using just body weight. Do it twice or more per week and your calves will tightened and shrink up.

Cardio is great for losing fat and the good news is you'll never gain muscle from it. A lots of Cardio like swimming, running, cycling, skipping, etc. combined with high fiber/low protein intake diet can trim up your legs, you can even reduce muscle size and taken off an inch or more from your calves, it's good for your health too. Read also How to Lose Leg Fat.

Pilates and Yoga
Exercise programs like Pilates and yoga that involve both strengthening and stretching are great to elongate and lengthen muscles thus give you a taller posture, which means longer and leaner legs.

Walking lengthens the muscles and gives a better shape to your leg. It's easy to be done and also reduces the risks of many major diseases like heart disease, diabetes, etc.Pilates and Yoga